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Why ride with Ride any Road?

Why us?

The differences between the Adventure riding programme and MX or Enduro training. (Or Trials riding for that matter.)

Obviously there are many similarities in techniques in riding a motorcycle off the tarmac. With thought and a little adjustment, or lots of trial and error, all the knowledge and skills gained in MX or Enduro riding is applicable to riding a larger bike on unsurfaced roads. The idea behind this programme is to make the skills specific to larger bikes, quite possibly with luggage. There are many common situations where riding as you would on a specific, light, off road machine would land you in trouble on a larger bike. Factor in the concept of a possibly very long walk home or an awful lot of digging and the psychology changes too.

From road riding, the skills needed and practised on a track day are not always directly applicable on your ride home. The 'racing line' may not be the 'best' way around your next corner. (Some people are that brave/lucky, I'm not one of them!)

For experienced road riders, making the change to unsurfaced roads can mean almost un-learning some natural reactions and responding to situations in a different way. One needs to process information differently too. The road based nature of the Ride any Road programme means is can be instantly applicable to many riding environments.

In the specific terms of what we to offer, the programme is also different from many MX/Enduro schools. The motorcycle, safety equipment etc is the participants own, resulting in a significantly less costly experience. The programme does not take place 'off road', and maintains a real world feel. This also reduces costs. It is aimed to support the early stages of untarmaced riding, I would personally expect that anyone who has enjoyed and succeeded in the MX/Enduro environment would not be interested in what we have to offer.

There are lanes in most areas of the country, England and Wales at least, so continued enjoyment is never too far away. Ride any Road!

Wet lanes in the rain