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Here we'd like to keep you updated on what's going on:

Morocco Adventure Tours are go! We have a wonderful ride planned for you... Seen this? Great to see a trip 'the other way round'! Out of Nigeria


BudapestBamako 2014:

Wonderful event, people and places!
Trusty Transalp took us to an unsupported 1st place in the Motorcycle Category




Trusty Transalp at the finish!

Morocco Aug 2014!!

Playing in the northern mountains, Taza makes a great base, on holiday with the Moroccans!! Some great unsurfaced roads too...

And we were at Adventure Overland.

Great speakers, good to catch up with some of you folks there!

You've all seen our ad. in ABR?

Is it time for an update? :-)

Budapest-Bamako 2014 Destination Banjul:
Whist we couldn't compete with the massive racetrucks, 1st in Motorcycle Category.

ACU All Terrain Rally Challenge 2013:
Overall 6th place  in the multi-cylinder class. 
A wonderful way to ride your bike off road, and whilst we're not about Racing, we are ALL about riding your bike.



Ace Cafe, Adventure Travel Day, 23rd March 2014.

Pop by our stand and say hi! We'd love to hear what your plans are, and have a look at your bike...

Book up then for a discount too. 



Transalp prep going well!

All should be good for Africa...

Dawn to Dusk:
Honda Transalp, 8 laps, 1st in class:

This was a great 10 hour overnight event, great fun to ride in the forest in the dark!

We're going to do the Budapest-Bamako rally. Entered in the classic GPS challenge category, 10,000km of finding and photographing GPS waypoints as we ride down through Western Africa. So looking forward to this! Brechfa Rally, 10th March 2013.

Fab days riding, we finished, and got points! The new-to-us Transalp 650 did well then, given it wouldn't look out of place on the commuter run.

Bit of a report here.


The Big Bike Rally Challenge has evolved for this year, with ACU involvement it has become the All Terrain Rally Challenge. We're in, and whilst we're not about racing, we do like to ride off tarmac, and sometimes go as fast as we can!

OLD NEWS! (2011-2012)


Other things we did:

2012 Dawn to Dusk, on the Varadero 1000. We rode there, and managed 2 laps before we broke the sump. The joys of chemical metal ment we could ride home too!

October 2012 allowed us to do the Cambrian Rally, and finish. Again on the Varadero. The points gained here left us in 19th place overall in the Big Bike Rally Challenge. This series has been updated for 2013, and now has ACU involvement. 



We'd like to wish Dr Chris of Tigger's Travels all the best for his upcoming adventure.

Update! There and back again. Well done Chris.

We're going to be at the Ace Cafe Adventure Bike day on 19th February. Please stop by and say Hello! 

Ride any Road have been working with Toddington 2 Timbuktu. A great day of various rider experiences and training.

Read the Tod2Tim blog here.


We're going to be at the Adventure Overland show in October.

Full details here.

Best wishes to Chris of Tigger's Travels as he preps the bike for the ride of a lifetime. South America here he comes!

Great weekend at the Dawn to Dusk. Very wet ride over Friday, found the course hard going but finished. A few mechanical issues to sort, but amazing marshals! The ride to Manchester on the Sunday was marred by a little pannier fire, due to broken panels.

See a photo here.
Course teaser here, by the organisers.

We came in second in class! (Big Bike, Twin Cylinder.)



A great time was had with the chaps from xrv.org.uk. A wet and windy time in North Wales, with a bit of struggle at times! 

Read the report here.



Track my fuel use!

(out of date now!)