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Our Courses:

We offer a range of courses to suit any combination of bike, tyres and rider!

Short Course:
A short day, approximately 10:00am to 3:00pm, with a break for lunch, this course is an excellent introduction to adventure riding. It is suitable for any bike/tyre combination, not just adventure style bikes. We cover the rudiments of off-tarmac bike control. By the end of the day participants will be able to assess if a route, or section of a route, is suitable for them, ride in control on a variety of surfaces and learn to 'feel for grip', as well as having had a really enjoyable day out! From 75 per rider. Choose your dates here, please contact us to book.

Day Course:
A full day out, approximately 9:00am to 5:00pm, with a break for lunch. This course takes all the Short Course learning, and extends it in both the range and amount of skills covered. Ideally aimed at adventure bike riders, it is suitable for any tyre and rider. By the end of the day participants will have ridden a wide variety of surfaces, learnt to handle their bike in a variety of situations, have increased confidence in approaching and riding untarmaced roads, and probably be a little tired and dirty. What fun! From 95 per rider. Choose your dates here, please contact us to book.

Two Day/Weekend Course:
Either about 9:00am one day until 5:00pm the next, or Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, this course offers the essence of Adventure Riding. We would aim to be self-contained for the duration of the course, although evening refreshment may be up for discussion! This course extends the rider in learning to cover unsurfaced roads with all the luggage and equipment required for an overnight stay, or 2! This course can be structured to stand alone, or to build on what is learnt in either the Short or Day courses. The greater time allows for an experience on many different surfaces, and can also include navigation and/or field maintenance/emergency repairs. By the end of this course the rider will be confident on, or at least aware of, many different surfaces, have a greater understanding of the logistics and practice of unsupported motorcycling, have gained an experience of the joys and freedoms offered by 'any Road' motorcycling and, I hope, want to do it again. Now! From 245 per rider. Choose your dates here, please contact us to book.

One Day Adventure:
Not so much a course, more an experience. The emphasis on this day is adventure riding, both unsurfaced and surfaced roads. There is a wide variety of terrain to be covered, some wonderful views to be had and some stunning gems to be ridden. This experience is best suited to adventure style bikes with adventure tyres.
Please note: This is not an Enduro or Trail Challenge, and is designed for riders who have completed the Day or Weekend Course or be of similar experience. From 95 per rider. Choose your dates here, please contact us to book.

Weekend Adventure:
Like the One Day Adventure, only more so! From 245 per rider. Choose your dates here, please contact us to book.

Ardennes Adventure:
New for 2011. Please watch this space or contact us for more information.

Road Trip:
A week or so from the UK to Northern Spain and back. This is a camping based trip, and covers a lot of ground! We know some of the best campsites and lay-bys, some fantastic roads, both surfaced and unsurfaced, wonderful vistas, food as good as you want it to be. How about a Pyrenean mountain view in the morning then a swim in the Med. in the afternoon? This trip is suitable for full licence holders only, riders should be willing to spend some long days in the saddle. From 495 per rider. Choose your dates here, please contact us to book or for more information.


All our Courses and Adventures are from our base near the Chiltern Hills, with good access from both the M1 and the A41. If you would like something based in your own area, please contact us.