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Morocco Adventure Tour Outline.
For details see below the picture...

Our adventure tour came about after winning the motorbike class of the Budapest Bamako Rally in 2014. It was an amazing experience, but there is little to prepare you for what is entailed in such a journey. Most of the tours to West Africa that are out there seem to focus on luxury accommodation, viewpoints and tourist visits not on the riding, with generally short days in the saddle. We wanted something that would give a keen rider a wonderful experience of riding in such an amazing area.

This trip is not a rally though, having no competitive element. I've also heard (and read) a lot about the negative experiences many people have with Morocco. It doesn't have to be like that. The people are friendly, respectful and generous. The police and authorities are helpful and not intrusive in carrying out their duties. Food, camping, accommodation and petrol are all keenly priced, appearing cheap to Western Europeans. The weather is wonderful, even sandstorms are an experience to be savoured. Yes, you need to be careful, you need to know a few things before you go but mainly you need to go to the right places. I'm sure you can think of some places near you that you'd rather not take visitors to, especially if their world is vulnerable, packed onto a motorcycle!

With that in mind we designed this trip to introduce riders to Morocco, to self contained adventure riding, to that mix of piste and tarmac that is a joy to ride. We spend some time off the beaten tourist trail, see some amazing sights, mix with wonderful people and ride some of the best roads in the world.

We are in Morocco on the third day after leaving the UK, giving 10 full days there. There is a mix of mountain and desert, tarmac and piste, camping and hotels, meals out with wine and bread and fish from your panniers, bustling towns and space, real space where you can hear yourself think.

This is an adventure tour, we have no backup, no support truck and no camera crews (unless you've a Go-Pro!). But we're not going off the edge of the world; 'Here be dragons' only works until you've been there. This tour isn't designed to be bike busting, but it may push you a little. Taking place over 2 weeks and covering up to 6500 miles it's all about the riding.

Would you like to ride your bike into the Sahara?

Extra Costs: We would estimate the costs of your trip to be between 900 and 1200.
This would include:
  • Petrol
  • Motorway tolls
  • Channel Tunnel
  • Ferry Spain to Morocco
  • Camping and accommodation
  • Food and drinks
(This does not cover any contingency costs, or pre trip costs, such as equipment, clothing, bike servicing and prep, travel insurance or breakdown cover.)
Daily Outline:
Pre Tour Discussion of bikes, prep, maintenance, equipment, clothing, insurance, training and anything else you can think of!
Day 1 To France! Motorways, Channel Tunnel
Day 2 France to Spain Motorways
Day 3 (0) Spain to Morocco Ferry. Mountains
Day 4 (1) Roads South and East To the desert!
Day 5 (2) Roads (possible piste) South and East Desert
Day 6 (3) Road/Piste West Desert, short day
Day 7 (4) Road West/Northwest Mountains and altitude
Day 8 (5) Pistes South Mountains and Desert
Day 9 (6) Road and Pistes West/South Desert and sand
Day 10 (7) Piste and road West Mountains
Day 11 (8) Pistes South and West Mountains and desert
Day 12 (9) North It had to end sometime!
Day 13 (10) Morocco to Spain Ferry
Day 14 Spain to France Motorways
Day 15 France to Home. You did it! Motorways, Channel Tunnel
(Day 16) Spare day 'just in case'