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Ride your bike into the Sahara!
Morocco. More than just a mythical land for the adventurous motorcyclist. It really does exist, but it can feel a little scary and a long way from home. I think that's why it's so attractive.

Our new guided Adventure Tour allows riders to experience a range and depth of Morocco, travelling through some of the classic places, and getting off the beaten tourist and overlander track. We can assist you throughout the various stages of your adventure, from kit and bike prep discussions (exciting) to admin and paperwork (not so exciting, but essential).

Tour description is here.

Prices from 500 per person. Please contact us for more information.

If you have spoken to us please click here for more details.

Overview of tour:

This is a 2 week, 15/16 day adventure. We have 10 complete days in Morocco, possibly heading as far south as Layouune in Western Sahara. There is a mix of tarmac and piste, in the most wonderful places. We will cover approximately 6000 to 6500 miles, about half of which is in the magic kingdom. Accommodation is camping, although many of or camps do offer simple rooms. Food is bought locally, generally eating out at least once a day.

As an adventure tour, it does not have backup or support vehicles. It aims to introduce you to Morocco, and to adventure travel. After this tour we would hope that you will feel confident to return to Morocco on your own/with a group of friends, or even have the urge to push on further south!

Expectations of riders:

This is an adventure tour, and is fully guided. We can and will offer advice and training whenever relevant. However, it is a big trip, not to be undertaken lightly, so we have some expectations of our riders:

  • You are confident that your Motorcycle is capable of completing a 6500 mile trip in sometimes hot and arduous conditions.
  • You are capable of some long riding days, possibly up to 16/18 hours in a day.
  • You can manage any health conditions you have without medical intervention.
  • You are willing to ride at night.

Please contact us for more information.

Your Morocco Adventure Tour includes:

Pre-Trip guidance and support.
Guided travel, from a mutually convenient location in the UK, through France and Spain to the Spanish port of Algercieras. 
Advice on and during the crossing, and on Moroccan entry procedures.
Guided days to specifically chosen overnight locations, usually campsites or wild camping spots.
Guiding on some of the best roads (surfaced and unsurfaced) that Morocco has to offer.
Guidance and support in case of accident, incident or breakdown.

The Adventure Tour does not include:

Motorcycle hire/transport.
Ferries/Channel Tunnel.
Petrol and Motorway tolls.
Camping fees/overnight accommodation.
Food, drinks, water or eating out.

Anything else not specifically included, or agreed to in writing.
(Sorry, but we need to be clear about this.)